PAUSE: Gearing up for the next 20 Episodes


After creating the first 10 Episodes and getting so much positive feedback, I decided to take a short break to shift for the long game for the podcast.

You can look forward to more inspiring guest stories, and tons of tips, product ideas, business solutions, increasing profit, marketing ideas, website tips, portfolio development, setting goals for the year, things you’ve never considered to grow business, pushing into art and creativity, resetting your mindset, tips for being more creative, lighting tips you may not have tried, stop saying your not creative and get creative, and 100 other topics that will get you inspired, motivated and unblocked.

EPISODE 011 is COMING out of the closet on Monday October 7th, 2019!!!

If you are anxious and need something to listen to, I’d suggest two of our most popular episodes:

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Arriving at the Beginning

Hey hey, Rosemary here. Photography Fireside podcast is very new. The enthusiasm I have received about this podcast is overwhelming. This world is saturated with content and because of that, I am dedicated to curating work that is thoughtful and meaningful for the photography and creative community. After almost 20 yrs in this crazy gig, I have come to know a life that I had not foreseen. In my early days of photography, I could not have predicted the journey this gig would take me on. I could have told you a passionate linear story about that vision. However, it would have lacked the many shifts, profoundly personal work, and the places I couldn’t have imagined it taking me along—stories that have brought tremendous value to my life. I hold gratitude for the journey that started with the question, “What does this camera do, and what can I do with it?”

This year was a new awakening for me, where I have continued to be a warrior down my path of creating and keeping myself aware of my heart’s work. My enlightenment for this project started when I was confronted with my work every time I stepped out my front door. I would see one, two, or maybe three buses lined up with images I had created, or walk past lifesize work in the heart of Seattle, including billboards and windows. I have immense pride that my work has landed on those platforms. It wasn’t just the pride of that work but the “why” of that work. I have come to know myself for a deep love for my family, my Seattle family that loves not little but loves big. This family can visualize a voice of connection, possibility, creativity, inclusivity, love, and culture and we get to celebrate that with big bold work in the city.

As a photography community, there are many voices that we speak through. The visual community has the power to create wonder through their interpretations. I have a deep love and passion for hearing the stories of my colleagues. I see the photography community not as a million small businesses but as one big company curating the world's stories. We are the ones that tell stories with light and the ones that show up passionately to this gig.

I would love for you to join our community on Monday mornings at 10am.. We want to here from you too! Come share with in the comments!